UPDATE: Trigger is now in a foster home in Colorado and is doing so well -- he's loving is foster family and living the good life he so deserves.  He has even learned to use the doggie door!

Trigger was a pup from a backyard breeder and is now 4 years old.  He is very laid back, loves kids and other dogs.  Just pretty much a mellow fellow.  Right now he is kept indoors all the time unless he is let out for his bathroom duties.  He's not even left out to play in his yard or do his beagle sniffing.  His current family does not interact with him and he wants to be loved so much.  Be Trigger's hero--he is so darling!

We have recently found out that Trigger has Cushings Disease that is a condition caused by chronic exposure to elevated levels of the hormone cortisol (hypercortisolism). When a pituitary tumor is the cause of high cortisol, the disorder is called Cushing's disease.  Trigger is going through numerous tests so we can determine what medication he needs to treat this disorder.  Our vet feels that he will be able to lead a normal and long life once he's on the right medication.

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