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You may browse through any of these articles that interest you.  For ease of use, the articles are grouped by category.  For example, if you are interested in adopting, you may want to review and print all of the documents under Before Adopting A Beagle.

Note that some articles appear in several categories, because the article is pertinent to each of these categories.

Before Adopting A Beagle
Adoption Process
Info Relative to the Beagle Breed
What is Beagle Rescue?
Guidelines For an Adoptive Home
Policies and Procedures
Adoption Application
Adoption Agreement
CBR Fees

After Adopting A Beagle
Thank You For Caring About My Life
How to Bring in Another Dog
Re-socializing the Rescue Dog
Prayer For All Canine Guardians
Let Me Stay

Relinquishing A Beagle
Relinquishment Process
What is Beagle Rescue?
Relinquishment Application and Release
Stray Dog Recovery Agreement

Fostering A Beagle
Info Relative to the Beagle Breed
What is Beagle Rescue?
Guidelines for an Adoptive Home
Policies and Procedures
Precautions for the Foster Home
Foster Care Information
Foster Care Application
Foster Care Agreement
Foster Care Evaluation
Thank You for Caring About My Life

Health Care

Canine Emergencies
Dogs Eating Feces
Holiday Safety Tips
How to Remove a Tick
Incontinence in the Spayed Female
Items Poisonous to Dogs
10 Plants That Can Poison Pups
Rabies Prevention


Housebreaking Your Puppy
Puppies Are Not For Everyone
Twas the Night B4 Christmas
Info/Forms for CBR Volunteers
Adopter Home Check List
Foster Home Check List
Reimbursement Form
Mileage Expenses Form

Other Articles
Grief Counseling After the Loss of a Pet
Summer Dog Tips
Winter Dog Tips
How to Recover Your Lost Pet
When You Find a Lost Dog
Coyote Conflicts in Your Neighborhood

Other Forms
AKC Microchip Transfer Form
Donation form

Your Dog's Toys
Children and Dogs
Controlling Barking
Correcting Your Canine
Destructive Chewing
Dogs Jumping on People
Dominance Reduction Program
Escaping the Yard
For Dog Owners Who Work
Getting Your Dog to Come When Called
How to Bring in Another Dog
How to Have a Calmer Dog
How to Play with Your Dog
Kids and Dogs-Safety First
Learning Commands with Your Dog
Overcoming Shyness
Preventing Indoor Soiling Accidents
Re-socializing the Rescue Dog
Separation Fun
Shortcut to a Perfect Dog
Submissive Wetting in Dogs
Walking with Your Dog
Who? Me in a Crate?

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