Introducing the
King Soopers/City Market loyalty rewards card

How does it work?
Swipe your SooperCard or enter your 10-digit Alt ID (typically telephone) number everytime you shop for groceries at King Soopers and City Market.

What’s the catch?
No catch . . . really!  There are no extra costs associated with this program.  This is a way for King Soopers and City Market to encourage shoppers to patronize their store and support non-profit organizations.

How does Colorado Beagle Rescue earn money?
King Soopers will donate quarterly to Colorado Beagle Rescue based on the total purchases of our supporters.

How can I get a King Soopers/City Market loyalty card?
If you don’t already have a SooperCard, they are available free of charge at the customer service desk of any King Soopers or City Market or you can create your account online choosing your own 10-digit Alt ID (typically telephone) number.

How do I enroll my King Soopers/City Market SooperCard to support Colorado Beagle Rescue?

  • Login to your King Soopers or City Market account.
  • Select Save > King Soopers Community Rewards
  • Click Enroll Now and search for Colorado Beagle Rescue or enter organization number BR426 to link your account .

What should I do with my reloadable gift card? 
If you purchased a reloadable gift card from us in the past, please use the remaining balance on your gift card and enroll your SooperCard to Colorado Beagle Rescue. The gift card reward program expires March 31st.

Email darlene@coloradobeaglerescue.org

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