How to Foster

Since there are many beagles needing foster homes, here is how you can help. If you would like to become a foster family for CBR, please read the following information.

Call the CBR hotline at 303-464-9403, leave a message and one of our volunteers will contact you.  You will have a short telephone interview to see if you are qualified.  There are some forms which you will be required to fill out and either mail them to the CBR post office box shown on the forms or email them to carol@coloradobeaglerescue.org

One of the forms is called the “Foster Care Application” and the other is the “Foster Care Agreement.” The first form tells CBR if you have a fenced in yard, are home during the day, ages of children if any and any pets in the family, etc.  This information will help CBR place a foster dog in your home that will be compatible with your family.  The “Foster Care Agreement” tells CBR that you agree to care for the beagle and will provide the food for said dog. CBR pays for any medical expenses.

The beagle might be in your home from a few days up to a week or even longer until a suitable home is found.  There is a form “Foster Care Evaluation” that you can fill out as you get to know the beagle better.  This will help CBR in finding the right permanent home for the dog.  In the event that you decide to adopt the beagle, you can skip completing this form.  You will then fill out the Adoption Agreement and mail it in with your donation.  The donation amount will depend upon the age of the beagle.

Click here to view and print out the applications under Fostering A Beagle.

If you have any questions or problems, you can call the hotline at 303-464-9403 and a volunteer will help you.

If you would like to do more than foster care, you can fill out the volunteer form (which is included in the above linked to documents), and send it in.  CBR needs many volunteers as there are many jobs to keep this organization going.  There is no compensation for volunteering, just knowing that you have helped a little beagle find his forever home.

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