CBR is always looking for volunteers.  We need:

Fundraising Coordinators:
Do you want to help Colorado Beagle Rescue in becoming our Fundraising Coordinator?  With the many fundraising opportunities out there, we are in need of one or two knowledgeable people who can take on this position and be able to assist our organization by getting us involved in worthy fundraising causes.  If you are interested in this type of volunteer work, please give us a call and speak with Carol at 303-464-9403.  You may press # to bypass the rescue message.  Thank you!

Good foster homes:
The foster family agrees to feed, care for and evaluate the dog until it can be adopted.  This may take a few days or a few weeks.  This can be very rewarding without the commitment.  CBR is responsible for any medical care.  THERE IS ALWAYS A GREAT NEED FOR FOSTER HOMES. Click here to view more information about foster families.

Click here to view more information about adopting a beagle.

Volunteers who are able to do any of the following tasks:

  •   Perform home checks
  •   Screen prospective adopters by phone
  •   Answer phone calls
  •   Reply to emails
  •   Do secretarial work
  •   Transport dogs from shelters to the veterinarian
  •   Work at the annual picnic or garage sale
  •   Attend fund raising events
  •   Represent CBR at pet showcases or expos
  •   Donate money to CBR

A volunteer can be as active as he/she wishes, choosing a job to suit the time and skills he/she has.

For more information on becoming a volunteer,  refer to the Volunteer Info and Application under the Info/Forms for CBR Volunteers section on the Articles and Forms page.

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