January 2013 Flash Freddie Update

January 1st, 2013 7:00am

can you see his "angel spots"!?

2013 had some wonderful events in Freddie’s life!  His GREATEST Christmas present came three days after Christmas when he came home from the Animal Hospital with NO CAST OR BANDAGE!   All the fractures he received in his right, front leg have healed.  But alas, he had to remain in his cone for another week as he was chewing on the newly exposed limb.  The other great news we received is that to build up the muscles in the leg, he is allowed to have greater freedom and is not on one hundred percent crate rest due to the ever present pelvic fracture.  If you look closely at the pictures below, you can see how his right leg has atrophied, but YOU CAN SEE IT!   Fred is still restricted from major activities like long/steep stairs, energetic wrestling matches, or strenuous running, but he can now roam the house and yard at his leisure.  During the day Freddie now sleeps in dog beds outside his crate, on the couch, in foster dad’s lap.  He wanders the yard, off leash with supervision.  He still remains crated at bedtime for his night’s sleep.  He has endless access to the toy box, which he has learned to enjoy more and more.  He is doing great with the cat he lives with, choosing to walk after him slowly, snuffling all the way! 

His foster home is now also able to assess his behavioral strengths (and weaknesses!) in a more normalized environment.  Freddie needs a lot of socialization, re-direction from minor unacceptable behaviors and some basic training, but his greatest asset remains- His love for life and all people and animals around him with a wonderful joyful, energetic and playful disposition.

Look for more updates soon!  Very soon as at the end of January Freddie will receive an updated pelvic x-ray to assess the status of his pelvic fracture.

Freddie asleep on the couch!

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